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Seminar & Master Classes

In our exciting master classes, two internationally-renowned, award-winning veterans of the art present their own unique takes on documentary storytelling:

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Style and Storytelling in Documentary

By Jon Blair

Are you a genre bender or a trad stylist? How to match form, function and narrative when faced with that blank sheet which all films start with? What do you do before you go out on a shoot to minimize the risk of not getting your story while maximising your ability to tell it. And how do films change in the cutting room? Does the story telling drive the style or is it the other way round? Using examples from his own work, Oscar, Emmy and BAFTA winning South African-born director Jon Blair (see p.22 of the printed programme) leads a free-ranging session about documentary technique. Bring your own ideas, experience and professional issues for a full participatory discussion.

Date: Saturday 9 June
Time: 10am – 1pm
Venue: Zoology Lecture Theatre 2 (ZOO2), Upper Campus, UCT
Cost: R50.00

The Art of Storytelling and Raising Funds

By Dr. Mitzi Goldman

Framing the real world to tell dramatic stories on screen requires a balance of great characters, powerful events and visual storytelling. There are many different approaches a director can take to a story and the weave of a narrative can sometimes be elusive until the end. In this master class the director of A Common Purpose (p.25 of the printed programme), Mitzi Goldman (see p. 43), presents different styles of storytelling drawing on examples from her body of work. Goldman is the Executive Director of the Documentary Australia Foundation, an organisation which exists to attract philanthropic grants to documentaries that aim to make a social impact. In her presentation she will address the challenges to secure funding from diverse sources.

Date: Friday 15 June
Time: 10am – 1pm
Venue: AFDA, 18 Lower Scott Road, Observatory, Cape Town
Cost: R50.00


The South African Guild of Editors presents:

GOING SOLO: multi-skilling and the role of the producer/director/editor
  • THOMAS BARRY is the editor and director of Healers (see p.13)
  • MICHAEL CROSS is the producer/director/editor of Rockstardom (see p.17).
  • IZETTE MOSTERT produced, directed and edited Saying Goodbye (see p.19).
  • KHALID SHAMIS produced, directed and edited the acclaimed documentary Imam and I. Khalid will join the discussion via Skype.
  • DR LIANI MAASDORP is a lecturer at UCT’s centre for Film and Media Studies and the vice-chair of SAGE.

Date: Saturday 23 June
Time: 9.30am – 12.30pm
Venue: AFDA Film School, 18 Lower Scott Road, Observatory, Cape Town
Cost: SAGE and SASFED members, Students: R30.00, Public: R50.00

To book: email For more info: 021 465 46 86